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Villa M

Villa M Sweet Peach

Villa M Sweet Peach

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Piemonte, Italy

Moscato grapes for Villa M Peach are handpicked and rapidly carried to the cellar to be pressed immediately. Right after the pressing and a very short maceration the must undergoes the natural process of cold clearing and then is placed into refrigerated cells, where it is kept at low temperature until preparation and bottling. After a few weeks/months, depending on the need, the fermentation is started at 16-18°C, when 5% alcoholic degree is achieved; fermentation is stopped through sterile filtering. Before bottling, natural flavor of peach (extracted from fresh fruit) is added to match with the natural scent of these grapes.


Piemonte, Italy

Tasting Note

Villa M Peach is soft and elegant with delicatebubbles. Its hints of fresh and juicy peaches gently combine with Moscato and Brachetto complexity. Its crispy freshness strikes the perfect balance with the wine’s natural sweetness. Frizzante in style. Fresh peach extract, extracted from fresh fruit is added just before bottling. Sugars: 110g/s per liter, 16g per serving. 5% ABV

Food Pairing

Perfect as an aperitif, or serve with fresh fruits, for example with fresh peaches, a wide range of desserts, as well as sweet or savory snacks.


100% Moscato

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